How It Works

Step #1

Give us a call or book online

Having trouble with your tech? Give us a call and we can discuss what we can do to solve the issue!​​

Step #2

We'll send a technician to you

We’ll arrange a suitable time for one of our technicians to come out to your home or business and assess the issues further ​

Step #3

Diagnostics & Beginning Repairs

Our friendly technicians will diagnose your tech troubles and inform you of the next steps that need to be taken.

Step #4

Enjoy your tech trouble free

Once we’ve fixed the problem you can rest easy knowing we stand by our repairs 100%! If you aren’t happy then neither are we!




Standard Rate

9AM - 8PM
$ 30 Per 15 Minutes
  • Minimum 60 Minute Charge ($120)
  • Discounted Rates Available (Gold Card, CS Card, etc.)
  • No Fix, No Fee! 1
  • Payment Options Available 2

After Hours Rate

8PM - 9AM
$ 50 Per 15 Minutes
  • Minimum 60 Minute Charge ($200)
  • Discounted Rates Available (Gold Card, CS Card, etc.)
  • No Fix, No Fee! 1
  • Payment Options Available 2
  1. The “No Fix, No Fee” guarantee applies strictly to situatuons where our technician unable to diagnose or carry out the repair due to inability. “No Fix, No Fee” does not apply to situations where a diagnosis has been made and the customer chooses not to continue with the repair. Please see our terms and conditions here for more details
  2. Subject to our terms and conditions here

Who We Are

IT Fixit was founded with a simple, yet ambitious goal. Offer the easiest mobile IT repair service and support within New Zealand. Technology is rapidly evolving and growing, and while that leads to fantastic new features on our favourite devices, increased functionality means increased complexity, which will inevitably lead to things just not working how they should.

We found that a lot of people in IT often look down on these everyday issues as beneath them and common place, and fail to recognise that issues that may seem simple to them can cause a lot of strife for non techies.

This often takes the form of arrogance and a condescending tone contributing to worsening an already frustrating situation. After hearing about a number of these experiences we we’re inspired to craft a service founded on the principles of advising and education, with a focus on throwing out as much jargon as possible and using simple, everyday language instead. We want our customers to feel informed, not belittled after every visit, and be apart of as many peoples journey with tech as possible. 

That’s why our mission statement is “Be the best at providing advice, education, knowledge, and confidence to the everyday users of technology across the entire sector.”

Common Brands We Work With

Why Choose Us?

We understand that then your tech isn’t working right it can be a stressful experience. That’s why we’re focused on providing the best customer experience there is through the use of simple language, friendly technicians, and honest work.

Sometimes the people that fix our tech aren’t the most understanding or tactful, which doesn’t lend itself towards the best experience. Chances are you’re going to have something go wrong with your tech more than once or twice in your life so that’s why we aim to create and maintain life long customers by providing a reliable and friendly  service. 

Often one of the significant hurdles to having our tech troubles fixed is finding time in our schedule to visit a repair shop during business hours. That’s why we come to directly to your home or business, any time, any day.

IT Fixit is proud to be 100% kiwi owned and operated

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We offer a discount for both our standard and after hours rate to SuperGold card holders, students, healthcare and emergency services workers and volunteers, and teachers (incl. university staff).

Our discounted rates is $25 per 15 minutes (60 minutes minimum charge) during our standard rate period and $40 per 15 minutes (60 minutes minimum charge) for our after hours period.

Short answer? No. 

Longer Answer? Almost definitely not, here’s why. These days the security systems built into your operating systems (Windows, MacOS) are more than sufficient for your everyday computer user. Why is this different what you’ve probably heard about antivirus software? Simple, we’re not trying to sell you something, and neither is AV-TEST, a German based independent research institute for IT security. Basically, they have a collection of the most prevalent viruses and security threats which they use to test the major antivirus software options on the market, and then the publish the results of their test. If you go read their test results you’ll find that Microsoft’s built in antivirus “Defender” ranks with a perfect score as well as many other paid software. 

So when should you consider third party antivirus software? In our opinion there are two cases where paying for antivirus software should potentially be considered. Android devices containing sensitive information and when the additional services offered by the software such as password managers, parental control, file protection, online payment protection, etc.

If you’re interested in more information you can click here for a video 

We can fix problems with mobile devices that are caused by software issues, however sadly we don’t fix hardware issues.

Offering a blanket brand recommendation can be challenging as new products from different companies are being released every quarter changing the landscape quite rapidly. However, over the years certain companies have released better products (in our opinion) than the competition, so in general a good starting place when considering a new product is to see what Apple, Asus, Google, Lenovo, LGMicrosoftSamsung, and Sony are offering  

First decide whether a Laser or Inkjet printer suits your needs best. Not sure? Here’s a quick and dirty explanation of the differences.

Laser printers cost more upfront but have cheaper per page operating costs, they’re better at printing text, and are often quite large physically. They’re ideal for someone who does a lot of printing where most of the printing is text documents.

Inkjet printers are cheaper up front but the operating costs are a lot higher per page than laser printers, they’re better at printing photos and pictures than laser, they also tend to take up a lot less space than a laser printer would. They’re ideal for someone who only needs to print occasionally and isn’t looking to print loads of text documents.

If you’d like a more in-depth explantation of the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers  you can click here for a video explanation or here for an in-depth article.

Decided what type best suits your needs?



Service Area

Please note that the above service area serves as a general indication of our coverage. We still may service areas outside the enclosed area above.